Having done 3 collage posts in a row, I decided to take a break over the weekend. My studio table has 6 other projects in various stages of completion and it took a heck of a lot of work to get to that point.

It’s a bit of a plague, but often when I’m working on something that ought to feel gratifying, I get so easily distracted. Someone once told me that artists suffer from a lovely trio of ADHD, OCD, and impatience – all equally at work in just about every waking hour. (Mr. JAG sweetly tells me that I’m one of those who could be happy the rest of my life just living in a process, but in a rut-kind-of-way).

This is a confounding truth: I will be quietly working on a collage (but it could be anything, like vacuuming), for instance, when a thought floats into my head compelling me to check my Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest sites – and before I know it, I’ve squandered time away again.

I’ve really been trying hard to be consistent on this blog, repenting of the cardinal sin (not blogging enough). Yet there’s been this uneasiness about the “oughtness” of doing too much shallow posting on it all. That committee in my head always clamors in unison: SIMPLIFY!

There’s a wonderful, insightful post I read on Friday, that felt like a gentle pat on the back to continue in a slow but real way. In an earlier post, I mentioned my determination. And also in the process (there I go again) of finding my voice, I guess my real goal is to be someone whose blog offers depth as well as some visually interesting work. Oh, and as you get to know me better, it would be great to hear from you.

I made another minimalist collage titled: Nude Rose

nude rose